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Please register below to receive ongoing information and updates about the Konkrete Company as we continue to grow. We sincerely hope to expand the Konkrete® business and ministry incubator, plus other needed services, to your nation soon. That will certainly occur much sooner if a very large number of Christians in your nation register early to indicate their interest in becoming a Konkrete Colleague. Knowing that you desire to help build and participate in the Konkrete Economy and Financial Ecosystem helps us greatly.

After registering below, please be sure to invite all your Christian friends and family to register with Konkrete International, too. Also, remember to start preparing now to be able to invest financially as an equity stakeholder on at least one of the Konkrete teams that will be organized in your nation. We estimate the cost for prospective Konkrete Colleagues to join a specific development team will only be 1-2 days average wages in their respective nation. Whatever the amount, just know that it will be modest – and that the terms will be fair and just – so that everyone has reasonable opportunity to participate. As such, the total impact that we can all expect to achieve in service of The Church is absolutely huge. That is the inherent power of the Body of Christ when we are willing to work together, collaboratively, with one another, united in Christ!

NOTE: You do not need a referral to register with the Konkrete Company. However, in the future, you will need a referral code from another Christian who is already a Konkrete Colleague in order to become a Konkrete Colleague yourself. This is part of the gatekeeper system we utilize in order to maintain the safety and security of all who are part of Konkrete®. This process also helps promote the building of new relationships with others throughout the Christian community. (Do not worry…we will help you and show you how to walk through the referral process at the appropriate time.)

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